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ASA5516 Firepower License


Hi Guys,

This may be a silly question to most of you.
I have a set of 2 ASA5516-x that is running Firepower Services.
I received an alert recently stating that the "ASA 5516 Threat Defense URL filtering" term license has expired on the devices.

Looking at the transaction history, the expired licensed SKU is L-ASA5516T-TMC.

In the list of license inventory that I have in the Smart Software Licensing account, I can see that there is 1 valid Thread Defence URL filtering license (SKU: L-ASA5516-URL). Although they are named the same, I believe they are 2 separate license.


Can someone correct me if I am wrong?

While I am trying to get approval for the purchase of the TMC license, can I apply the URL license to one of the 5516-x pair?

If this is possible, can someone advise me on how to do this?


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VIP Advisor

I think you running FTD image on ASA units. how you manage these FTDs is it from FMC?  if yes than you need a smart lic for them.



if you running ASA code with firepower and mange them from FMC in that case it a traditional lice. it could be the vaild url you see is for the other asa box.  as you mentioned you have 2xASA boxes.



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Hi Sheraz,

Thanks for your quick response.

I am not sure if i am running an ASA code or a FTD image.
Can someone assist to advise me on how to check on which one I am using?
Fyi, I took over this network from someone who has left the company.

I see you running cisco Asa with sfr module. And seem like you manage it from FMC. Looking in to the picture you only have a control and protection enabled. Which means you run out TMC (url/malware) license.

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Hi Sheraz,


That is correct. I am running both the ASA and the SFR module.
I believe that this is was termed as "ASA Code" (please correct me if I am wrong).
If this is the case, I cant use smart licensing and will need to perform traditional licensing.
Am I correct?

Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

Yes - and ASA Firepower service module uses traditional licenses. You load those directly onto FMC and then associate them to the device.

FMC can manage both license types simultaneously.

Guru @Marvin Rhoads  is spot on. you can manage ASA and FTD from FMC. ASA sfr work as traditional lic and FTD works with smart lic.

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