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hi i was troubleshooting an anyconnect VPN issue and found out it's limited to 2 users due to license. i just want to confirm the correct anyconnect license to avail. per link below should i get the apex license on table 5?

hi, i know this could be done with active-active ASA setup but i'm not sure what's new with the ASA 9.x image. all links that i've searched were already outdated and used pre 9.x code. can someone advise or point me to a link that we can run ASA 9.4(...

Hello, I would like to set security port (type shutdown) with the same mac address. But this mac address should be present on many ports of this same switch. Have you a solution to realize this configuration ? Actually, if i set up the same mac addr...

If I understand this correctly on this appliance, if I want to use 2 interfaces for inline IPS for the public side, I can do this, and use another interface as the span port for internal networks. Sort of like what doing contexts on the ASA's does. I...

Hello folks, I have to configure my ASA to allow the traffic such as the file attach I know thar is possible to map one port to another, even range, but I have no idea how can I map one port to others such as >=1024. Anyone knows what is the best opt...

hi, I was wondering if it is possible to configure ASA Firepower services to act as a proxy server? Either ASA itself or sfr module.  My ASA is 5515-x firepower, software is 9.4(2)11, ASDM is 7.5(2)153, sfr module is 6.0.0-1005. Thank you.

kh.farhad by Beginner
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Hi I have a question regarding Evenyt ID's in Sourcefire. One of the workstations got infected with the following virus and the quarantine says that it failed with the error code: 3221225524. Does anyone have a list of the error codes so that I can f...

pauls7490 by Beginner
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Hi All, I have an ASA 55xx firewall where ASA-SSM-20 is installed and running with version 7.1(10)E4, device has a valid license as well.The IPS module is getting rebooted automatically once in 2-3 days, and below are the logs captured during the pro...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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