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I am trying to setup a failover ASA 5505 to provide HA to current ASA 5505 in production. The following is current failover setup:###############################failoverfailover lan unit primaryfailover lan interface failover Vlan3failover key *****f...

guanbowen by Beginner
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I am failing to register my ASA with Sourcefire module. I see in the V DC that the syslog says it connected to the module successfully, but fails to authenticate“sftunneld:sf_ssl [WARN] VerifyConnect:Failed to authenticate or to be authenticated by p...

 Hi everyone, I am trying to fix the routing issue in ASA. Layer 3 traffic  flowPC-----L3 switch1------int x-------ASA--int y----Layer 3 switch2 --- serverHere traffic flow is allowed from PC to server.But for return traffic from server to PC  via AS...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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hi  is it possible to have dmz vlans running off a switch and the same vlans be configured on asa ?  ASA L3 SWITCH vlan - dmz vlans thanks 

Hello ;I face a problem with my cisco ASA 5505 firewall . When I connect my console cable to the firewall the firewall load the startup setting and stop untill the copyright . Icn't access to the firewall to view the configuration . I boot also with ...

HiI am currently using an ASA5550 running in Multiple Context mode and using it as an internet firewall.We have a number of campaigns that are handled by separate Contexts within the Firewall.Unfortunately the external IP range provided by my ISP is ...

Jim Kerr by Beginner
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Hi I try to prepare a test plan to verify the functionality of new IOS ( also upgraded to a newer version ). I would like to test the ASA features before deploying the device into production. Example: L2 – ?L3 – routing protocols ( ospf, rip, bgp), V...

Hi, i want to configure an Access Policy that included the Application "Upload". I want to Block the possibility to Upload via Browser, BUT not for 2 Sites. It should be possible to Upload on 2 Websites, all other Websites should be not possible to u...

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