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Hi,We have Three ISP Link (20 Mbps each) at HO Location & respectively connected on three seperate Internet Router below them connected to three Cisco ASA. we have published many application like web, SAP, mail on these links.Also we have IPSec VPN c...

So I am working on a CBAC to ZBF conversion and am running into a couple of questions. When converting to a ZBF, does the need for ACL's on the interface go away? I have the following configuration and can't seem to get any stats genrerated when I do...

Hi Everyone,I am trying to add ASA to CSM.Firewall logs  where CSM is connected shows connection  going to ASA as TCP Reset 0.I did packet capture. from Firewall which is connected to cisco security manager    1: 16:00:36.323240 802.1Q vlan#512 P0 17...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi all,I have a Cisco ASA5510 firewall in our network. today we have upgraded the internet speed to 50Mbps with leased line. I tested the Internet line by directly connecting to my laptop, got 49Mbps download speed and 40Mbps upload speed.After conne...

i have an ASA 5540 that is not connected Via HSRP, however, i am running HSRP in the internal network(S) i added a DMZ port and switch in order to convert things to the DMZ, however, for debugging and connectivity purposes i made sure ICMP is working...

Resolved! ZBF vs. CBAC?

I am just getting into my CCNA Security and am learning the differences between ZBF and CBAC and I know there are definately beneifts of this. My company currently uses CBAC implementation on their branch routers probably only because the majority of...

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