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SFTP through Cisco ASA

Hi, We are trying to get SFTP working from a server (x.x.128.13) within our network to another companies server (x.x.114.132) which we connect to via the Internet.  From our server the connection hits our ASA Firewall where we have rules in place to ...

Resolved! Issue Allowing Access Through ASA 5505 Firewall

                I recently installed an ASA 5505 at a small business, to separate their wired business network from their employee WIFI access. Soon after the firewall installation was complete the office manager had a security camera system installe...

wholt by Beginner
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Alternative to NAT0?

I'm preparing to upgrade our ASAs from 8.2.x to 8.4.x.  I know that 8.4 eliminates nat0.What I would like to do is prepare the current configuration to minimize what needs to be changed by the migration script.  I've been using nat0 for so long that ...

Cisco ASA Redundant interface

Hello,We are looking at upgrading an aging firewall with a Cisco ASA.  I have used the ASA before.  We would like to use the ASA in a colocation facility that will have a few site to site vpns.  The ASA MUST be able to have redundant interfaces to ou...

casingnj2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Still Learning ASA and need help

  I am working on an ASA upgrade and am spinning my wheels. I need to convert a config that was running asa825-k8.bin and is now running  asa911-k8.binHere is the config that needs to be converted. Most everything comes over fine I am having issues w...

burleyman by Collaborator
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