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We are setting up an old office building as an offsite data center. The network cosists on a PIX 501 firewall and a 2811 router.  I am attempting to setup a GRE tunnel over IPsec back to the main office.  The main office consists of a PIX515, a 2821 ...

No, I am not talking aout my knee....I have a 2621 router - old. but works well.Need to put in an ACL to limit the inbound SMTP traffic to be FROM a specific set of IP's, and deny all others.I have tried various combinations with no luck.  Something ...

tim.meyer by Level 1
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Hi,We've been deploying an ISE solution (1.1.0-665 version) in one customer and we have one doubt regarding Posture Assessment/Remediation. We're trying to check AV installation and definitions and this check is working fine but things get a little b...

Hi Everyone,I was trying Basic url filtering BY CBAC on routerusing CBAC (Context-Based Access Control) : ! ip inspect name WEBFILTER http urlfilter ip urlfilter allow-mode on ip urlfilter exclusive-domain deny ! ! interface FastEthernet 0...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Do we have something similar to track list on IOS for my below Cisco ASA?I wanted something similar to this on ASAtrack 2 ip route reachabilitydelay down 20 up 20track 3 ip route reachabilitydelay...

Hi, I needed to block traffic between some VLANs by default in the same context of fwsm. Can I remove the permission that allows traffic between VLANs with the same level of security (same-security-traffic permit inter-interface) and put those VLANs ...

Entering the command "no fixup protocol smtp 25" on our 5510 doesnt seem to have any affect. Telnetting from an external source to our public IP on port 25 still gives.........220***********************************************************************...

andy_4578 by Level 1
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hi all,if my license is like this?Licensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces       : Unlimited      perpetualMaximum VLANs                     : 100            perpetualInside Hosts                      : Unlimited      perpetual...

Hi Everyone,For learning purposes i need to allow ping to host in the DMZ from switch which is connected to outside interface of switch.ASA has direct connection to this switch.I have tried these ACL  but ping to DMZ host does not work.access-list AC...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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