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Polycom behind ASA 5510 issues

Hi All,There are two Polycom devices behind ASA (Terminal HDX7000 and MCU RMX1000), ASA is connected to Cisco 1900 router which is connected to ISP.Polycom devices are NATed (unique global address per device) on router and h323 inspection is done on ...

Resolved! ASDM Firewall Dashboard

Hello all,Was wondering...  The ASDM firewall dashboard...  Anyone know of a way that we can export the view or otherwise dump it out into html?We have monitoring screens in the office with all our network status information, and the top usage stats ...

pbrunnen by Beginner
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WCCP ASA Ironport

We care currently using an ASA5505 as our firewall and redirecting web traffic to a S160 Ironport. Recently the web fitler stopped working and the only way to get filtering again is to reset the redirection.My questions are:1. Is there any available ...

QoS for subnet

I have an ASA 5505, with 2x internet vlans and 2x internal VLANS (one for data and one for voice).. I would like a simple QoS policy to ensure that voice is always given priorty over data, this includes when travelling through the ASA and out each in...

IPSLA Verification

We have two internet connections name "outside" and "Voice".  The internet connection named "outside" is the main internet conection and the second internet connection "voice" is only used to reach a single IP address (  I would like it so t...

ASA ACL problem

I don't know what's wrong with this:Doing access-list outside_access_in extended permit tcp any interface outside eq wwwis working but this:access-list outside_access_in extended permit tcp interface outside eq wwwis not wor...

Resolved! ASA 5505 configuration help

Hello,  I need to update the configuration of an ASA 5505 running version 7.2(4) Currently we have three external IP addresses pointing to three internal  servers as static routes (actual IP's have been changed): global (outside) 1 interface nat (ins...

ACL INBOUND with Inspection

I have to apply an ACL on a interface , so that inside users can access all the traffic but out side users can only ping inside users and can only return the traffic which is generated from inside. How can i implement this , should i use CBAC feature...

RPF-Check on ASA 5520 8.0 code

Hey, I'm having an issue accessing a box via ssh which goes through an ASA. The proper security is in place, but while doing the packet-tracer I notice that it is failing on the rpf-check. The router does have a route back to the source ip address bu...

GARP on 6500 ASA blade

We are planning to migrate a context from an ASA 5550 to Catalyst 6500 ASA blade.  The requirements are to use the same IPs, VLAN interfaces...etc.  This is all fine.  The issue comes with the ARP cache on devices between the firewall and the client....

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