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I'm replacing a PIX 501 with a new ASA. The 501 already has the VPN details and all works but when i try to replicate with the ASDM i'm having no joy. I'm having trouble configuring my Cisco ASA to do a site to site VPN to our Cisco PIX. Could someon...

Tarran by Level 1
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Resolved! Nat issue

Hi,I am having a NAT issue an I am not sure what is going on.  I have tried configuring nat exempt but that didn't solve the issue.ASA 5520 version 8.2My client has the inside network on interface gig0/1.100 and the guest network on gig0/2.200.  The ...

CiscoNutt by Level 1
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I am having a little bit of an issue getting DNS rewrite working for a client.Their setup:They have one ASA 5520 version 8.2(2) with several subinterfaces on the inside interface.  the guest network which is on the network is not allowed...

Hi GuysI was trying to add an Access Rule then Nat rule, they applied ok then i lost connection to my ASA 5510.   I cant ping device ip, i cant connect via console , only can acess via Management port, i have pasted Running config below, be greatful ...

nfazal by Level 1
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Hi,I need to sell a FW 5520 with 8 GE ports I Know that Cisco ASA5520 has 4 GE port may I add SSM-4GE to get 8 ports ?are this 8 ports able to be enabled all togheterRegard Carlo ASA5520-BUN-K9ASA 5520 Appliance with SW  HA    4GE+1FE  3DES/AESSF-ASA...

Hi, im new to ASA and have a quick question I got a ipsec vpn over the WAN interface that is working via a client and im assigned the ip from the correct pool below which is part of nameif ADMINSTAFF, however I can’t ssh to the ASA once the tunnel is...

I have a customer with an 877 series router with a zone-based firewall configuration. If they try to download anything the speed slows to a crawl and becomes almost unresponsive. I have tested with the zone pairs unapplied and it is fine. Can anyone ...

mbluemel by Level 1
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