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Just setup a new 5506-X with FirePOWER and have noticed performance issues as it relates to the ASDM. Using ASDM to manage the ASA parts runs fine and is fast, Touching any tabs for the Sourcefire pieces is extremely slow and at times unresponsive. I...

Hi, I have a FRP-2110 (hardware)and ASA 9.8 OS Image running on it.  I try to upgrade ASA image to a new a version.Should I use ASDM to upgrade as normal or is there a special requirement for this?ThanksLoc. FYI: below is show run on my firewallabc-f...

loc.nguyen by Beginner
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Hi, I can't find any option to assign users to different SNMPv3 groups in FMC under Device Management->platform Settings->SNMPOn the ASA I have this configuration that I would like to migrate to FTD: snmp-server group test v3 privsnmp-server user Fwc...

  Dear concern, I was configured Remote access vpn  on fwsm module successfully connect through vpn client but i did not access my internal resource. Some different type error face need for your valid help. Error:               VPN-SESSION_DB in SESS...

Hi,I am trying to migrate ASA configuration to FTD for a customer and one thing I cannot find how to enable, is  the command "capability lls" that are present in the ASA. Also it doesn’t seems to work to enable both "nsf cisco helper" and "nsf ietf h...

How to configure symmetric NAT in ASA 5506X? use dynamic NAT in the list in ASABut which name is for symmetric NAT in NAT configuration in ASA?Symmetric NAT need TURN servers If hackers hack me , does it means he need to have virus or Trojan trigger ...

Maivoko by Beginner
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Hi everyone. Is there any way to backup a cluster of two FTD on Firepower 4140? As per Firepower Management Center Configuration Guide, Version 6.4 Backup is not supported for FTD: Clustered devices and container instances. So I was kind of wondering...

AxRic by Beginner
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Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum to ask or not, but my question is.... do SNMP traps work purely on events/status changes, or can a SNMP trap be sent periodically to report the current status of a particular interface? e.g. c...

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