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Hi Guys,A basic firewall issue-network topology is as follows-R1-PIX-R2R1 config-interface Loopback 0 ip address!interface fastethernet 0/0 ip address!ip route!R2 config-interf...

folksi have an asa running v8 IOS and i'm trying to allow ftp through it but its not that straightforwardthe internal client makes an outbound ftp session to an external ftp serverwhen the ftp credentials are authorised the external server responds b...

Hi NetGurus,I have configured 2 contexes called backend and frontend. I have given a default route on both the contexes to reach the SVI on the 6509 switch. I am only able to reachthe SVI IP from the both context and vice versa. But i am unable to pi...

Hello, I have configured the burst rate and average rate to 20 and the average drops/sec and current drops/sec is very well below 20. But I still see the trigger count going up with the syslogmessageASA-4-%733100: [Scanning] drop rate-1 exceeded. Cur...

tech_trac by Beginner
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Hi,I'm trying to query a mib for the asa to show me what IP peer is connected on a tunnel.When I do a mib walk on the 5510 8.2(1) none of the OID'S for these values show up, although they should be supported.Ie cikepeerentry or crasusername OIDs.I wo...

I am experiencing a high amout of underrun packet drops for egress traffic out my inside interface on a ASA 5520 (avg 10 packet drops p/sec).  I am not completely clear on the understanding of underruns, but my understanding is that the harware is wo...

Hello, I am getting several ActiveSync errors on my exchange server and the error message mentions the item below:This issue may occur if the firewall has not been configured to let HTTP(S) requests live longer than the minimum heartbeat interval tha...

doliver by Beginner
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