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I have a general NAT question I hope you can help us with. We are converting from a large public ip address block (no NAT whatsoever) into a private address space using a combination of NAT / PAT, etc.I think the ASA can do this without issue (versi...

Hi there!, I'd like to know if anybody has the same problem that i have, When I try to access my ASA using ASDM the process load until 100%, returns the message "Software updated completed" by the interface doesn't open. I try to reinstall the softew...

Hi, I have come to know that NAC and Wireless Controller need to be integreted in the same segment/LAN to work with wireless user as well as wired user. Can anyone tell me how does NAC works with wireless controller?

goutam_04 by Level 1
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I have ASA 5540.i got ICMP request continuos on Inside network to firewall port.i want to know is there any attack or some ping from that server to firewall port.6|May 19 2009 15:54:37|302021: Teardown ICMP connection for faddr X.X.X.X/0 gaddr Y.Y.Y....

Resolved! ASA NAT issues

Hi.. We are having real problems trying to get NAT to work on our ASA. I have 2 problems.1. With the below config I cannot ping out to an internet address of though I can browse the internet?2. I cannot reach port 25 or any other Port. They are al...

Hi all I have firewall with three zones namely inside,outside and DMZ.On the DMZ we have webserver and static NAT is given on the firewall.From outside i can access the webserver using public IP.But from Inside i cannot access on Public IPs or any o...

anva12345 by Level 1
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Hello,I don't find the info about what are the defaul connection parameters for ASA 8.0 or above when you don't define any Class-map. So For default connection which are the default value like:Max TCP/UDP connection & TimeoutsMax Embryonic Conn & Tim...

helenio by Level 1
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Hi All,I have currently configured ASA Phone proxy using non secure mode and it seems to be dying when trying to establish an SSL connection with the client.I have configured it exactly in accordance to the example in the configuration guide for 8.0 ...

akhayat by Level 1
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Hi All,In middle of configuring a Pix 501 for VPN. I have running a few VPN's Site to Site and can terminate a Client to Site VPN with no issue. I am having problems getting the Client to Site to initiate a User Username and Password Challenge when V...

In my internal network a PC need connect by vpn with one peer in external network for access to aplication in other company.The tecnical support say me that i need configure access to ip external.IPSec ESP (IP protocol number 50)ISAKMP / Oakley (IP ...