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If I have a branch office and head office, both with ASA5510s, linked via an IPSec VPN, can a Remote Access VPN user (VPN Client) establish one VPN to the head office site and connect to devices at the branch office site, back over the site-to-site V...

dbeattie by Level 1
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Iam getting the below error message in ASA 5505.%ASA-4-419002: Duplicate TCP SYN from outside:213.x.x.2/2660 to outside:213.x.x.152/445 with different initial sequence number%ASA-4-419002: Duplicate TCP SYN from outside:213.x.x.152/3961 to outside:21...

Hello, is it possible to do DHCP relay with DHCP client on outside (lower security interface) and DHCP server on inside (higher security interface)? The documentation and examples only mention a scenario with DHCP client on inside interface and DHCP...

lbhoang by Level 1
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Hi all. Last night I placed a Shun on one of our customers ASA5510 running v.7.0(6) and this morning looking at the firewall logging it still shows information from the shunned IP address after the shun was placed. any ideas of why this would be ha...

Is there any special configuration to add on the pix to work with Veritas Cluster.A permit host XXXXX eq 14141 any. Even with this a cannot access the Server. I can access the server with ssh but not with VCS admin console.Is thers any special confi...

f.lemieux by Level 1
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Hi,i have ordered for ASA 5510 SEC-BUN-K9,but i have recieived ASA 5510-sec-Bun-K8 but not K9.i have tried to download from cisco downloads but i would not find ASA5510-SEC-BUN-K9 to download ,How can this problem be solved?????where can i get the K9...

Resolved! IDS with tacacs

Are IDS 4215 sensors compatable with tacacs? I did not see anything in the csm, the user guides or ids itself that would lead me to believe it was, but just wanted to make sure with the group.Thank you.