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Hi Everyone, I have a natted  Internal Webserver, which is working thanks to the guidelines found here Now how do I force that same server to se...

twhitney by Beginner
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I have installed the latest patch for 6.4 on my fmc and it said successful but after a reboot it always shows, is that expected or should it say had no issues upgrading from to 

ryan14 by Beginner
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I'm currently studying for my CCNA Securtiy 640-554 IINS exam.I want to be able to play with cisco configuration professional software and use policy maps and police traffic. Can anyone advise a cheap model of router that can do this? I have some old...

Hi, We have two FTDv in Azure and want to configure HA in between; understand that, in Azure FTDv in HA will be stateless but don't find any document referring how to configure it. There are few link that we require to configure ILB and ELB for FTDv ...

Forgive me if this is a silly question. I haven't worked with ASAs or Firepower before.I am looking to patch my Firepower Management Center from to due to the security advisory: cisco-sa-20200122-fmc-auth From what I have read, since ...

Hello everyone,I am facing the issue with being unable to open asdm for one asa appliance (ASA5512). I assume that the issue is caused by the ssl encryption currently set as des-sha1.I would like to get it changed to ssl encryption aes256-sha1. My qu...

ziqex by Enthusiast
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Hi guys,We have an issue with one of the node in our ASA cluster - basically module is in Unresponsive state.From what I can see there is probably issue with memory - I am suspecting one of the memory module but would like to know if someone have exp...

m-stawiski by Beginner
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