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Cannot VPN through a Cisco Firepower 1010




I have a 1010 Firepower on the edge with 2 S2S VPN connections established on it.

Now when I try to connect from a client inside of the 1010 to a VPN Gateway on the internet, it is not going through, any hints on where to troubleshoot? as these devices are limited in that


Thank you

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Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

I've seen this at time when the internal system needed to use IPsec and the udp/500 ports were already in use by the firewall interface that terminates the other IPsec tunnels. One solution is to use a static NAT for that client so that it has it's own public IP. Another is to see if it can negotiate with the distant end using udp/4500 (NAT-Traversal).

Hi Marvin


This is what I thought initially that the same port might be used.

I was thinking to assign another public IP for the S2S tunnels or another IP for the public interface , whichever might be feasible on 1010 or easier.. your thoughts if it is possible? as I cannot change the peer VPN GW,

Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

Site to site tunnels terminating on the FTD device must use the interface address.

You can verify the active ones are using the port connection with "show conn | i 500".

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