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Cisco ASA 5512 and Cradlepoint IP-Passthrough


Got a new Cisco ASA 5512-X Firepower and a Cradlepoint MBR-1400 with LTE Verizon and Static IP Address.

I set the Cradlepoint to IP-Passthrough and the DHCP is enabled.  

I followed the Standard Config on Cisco Site to setup the appliance. 

Gig0/1 inside

Gig0/0 outside (no ip )  and checking monitoring getting an IP Address from the CP for DHCP Lease being the IP.


The router doesn't like the Static IP Address, and if I select DHCP on the Gig0/0 interface, and even watching currently, getting this error on the console:

Error : IP and subnetmask form invalid pair indicating broadcast or network address

Being LTE I have a Static IP ending in .156 with the Cradlepoint assuming the gateway as .157 although the LTE doesn't use a Gateway it routes on a but the routers don't understand that.  

How can I get this to work with the IP Address assigned from the LTE Card? 

Any ideas?

Used this Quick Start Config:


Cant seem to ping outside

get the ????? response.








Were you able to resolve the outside int DHCP issue.  I have a CBA850 w/ a 5505 and having similar issues with the ASA obtaining an IP from the Cradlepoint pass though.


I did not yet resolve the issue regarding the static ip.   I currently have it NAT'd to the Cradlepoint to get basic internet access.  I set the CP (Cradlepoint) on the DMZ, and setup a VLAN on the CP for Management Access via WIFI.  But port forwarded all traffic to the ASA currently.   I have been away recently, but will open a TAC case, and see if there is a workaround.




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