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Cisco Firepower - IP SLA with ECMP Zone



I have a cluster of Firepower 3120 in HA (active/passive). In two different tech room. They are managed by FMC. Devices are in version 7.3.

I have 2 ISP (ISP1 and ISP2) with 1Gbps link each and i set up an ECMP zone for loadbalancing the traffic between this two links.

I have a third ISP (ISP3) with 100Mbps link capacity.

Physically, ISP1 and ISP2 arriving in Room1 and ISP3 arriving in Room2.

With this configuration, if i unplug ISP1 or ISP2, the routing table is not updated and i lost some traffic.

Waht i would like to do is configuring an IP SLA rule between this two link. If one link fails, i want all the traffic passing by the other one.

Is activating IP SLA object on the statics routes is suffisant to do this?

An other question, in fact that my two main ISP's routers are located in the same room, if for some reason i lost this room (powerloss for example), is it possible to configure a second IP SLA law which activate the 3rd ISP link if i lose ISP1 and ISP2.

Thanks for your help.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @AlexandreMoniot.

As I understand, you have a similar configuration as the one shown in the Firepower Management Center Device Configuration Guide, 7.1 - Chapter: ECMP :



If you followed the configuration provided in the guide:

"R3, follows R4>R1>R3 or R4>R2>R3, based on the ECMP algorithm. If R1>R3 route is lost, the traffic flows through R2 without any packet drops. Similarly, the response from R3 can be received by Outside2 though the packet was sent from Outside1. In addition, when the network traffic is heavy, R4 distributes them between the two routes and thus balances the load. "

Let me know if it was useful and in case it was not, please provide me with information about the configuration.


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Kind regards,


Hi Luca,

Sorry for the late reply, i haven't been notify of a reply on this thread.

Since, i have managed to make it work as expected.

Thank you again for the help, it may helps someone.


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