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Cisco Firepower Management Center

Hi All,


Can you please provide some guidance here?


One of my client bought (Cisco Firepower Management Center,(VMWare) for 2 devices), at the time of implementation it is discovered that they do not have VMware environment to host the Cisco Firepower Management Center,(VMWare) for 2 devices.

It is suggested to use the AWS Virtual Infrastructure to host the FMC,

Can you please provide some direction if I can use the same part number to host the FMC instance in the AWS Cloud?



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Correct- new AnyConnect (Plus or Apex) licenses can only be purchased in minimum quantity 25.


If you have an ASA 5506 (running ASA image) with Firepower service module and Security Plus license you can use the included 2 AnyConnect licenses.


If you had purchased AnyConnect Plus or Apex at all it can be used on multiple devices as the licensing is per unique user, not per device.


If you only had the old AnyConnect Essentials or Premium and any of the optional licenses (Mobile, Advanced Endpoint Assessment, etc.) those are not transferable.


If you are using the FTD image you need to have purchased the AnyConnect licenses (minimum quantity 25) as it exclusively uses Smart licensing.

Thank you sir, feel like I am moving 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. So if I roll back to the ASA image, can I roll back my Threat and URL licensing. or am I pretty much loosing one way or another.


For the world of me, I can't see why they wouldn't migrate the 2 AnyConnect that come with it, and then limit the PACKs to 25 count.

Cisco, along with most other tech vendors, is moving to a subscription-based business model in a big way.


It's not helping the end user for the most part, but it's how they see the future as far as the company's revenue and growth.

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