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Concurrent sessions in IPS42xx?


I'm looking for some information regarding concurrent sessions in Cisco IPS42xx models. Does the IPS has specific calculation when measuring the sessions? I'm comparing with Cisco SCE because I found out that SCE does bundle multiple flow/sessions into single flow/session like for FTP, SIP and few other protocols. So does the IPS do the same?

Thank you.

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

IPS and SCE is completely 2 separate products that perform 2 different functionalities.

IPS is a security appliance that predominantly performs signature based matching and anomaly detection, combined with new feature of global correlation and sensor based reputation.

SCE is a network optimizer and personaliser appliance, that provides bandwith optimazation, management and service control.

Here is more information on each products for your reference:



Hope that helps.

Hello Jennifer,

I understood that both IPS and SCE are performing different functions and understand that both are measuring concurrent sessions when performing their functions. But I think that the sessions for SCE and IPS are calculated differently. Do you have any details about this?

Thank you.

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