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Could we have a Firewall without license?


Hey Everyone,

At CCW I've added this item FPR1010-NGFW-K9 and there is an option at license tab to add this item FPR1K-EXCLUDE-SUBS.

My question is, "What are the firewall capabilities with this license?"

Actually, is it possible to sell this Firewall with this license!?

Please, provide me with the related documents. 


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Accepted Solutions
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at@ps if you select that option you aren't purchasing the additional subscriptions such as Threat, Malware or URL. So you have the base license (No subscription required, its included with purchase).

The Base license allows you to:

  • Configure your devices to perform switching and routing (including DHCP relay and NAT)

  • Configure devices as a high availability pair

  • Configure clustering

  • Implement user and application control by adding user and application conditions to access control rules

  • Update the Vulnerability database (VDB) and geolocation database (GeoDB).

  • Download intrusion rules such as SRU/LSP. However, you cannot deploy access control policy or rules that have intrusion policy to the device unless Threat license is enabled.

Could you please provide me with additional resources to know more about licensing - especially about this issue? 


FPR1K-EXCLUDE-SUBS <<- this from cisco site or from online site sale USED FPR 
I already check this license  package there is no such as this name 
please confirm 

At CCW you can select this item FPR1010-NGFW-K9. Then from edit options you can find FPR1K-EXCLUDE-SUBS

at@ps easier question what features do you want? If you don't want any of the option licenses, you just purchase the hardware FPR1010-NGFW-K9 which comes with the base license.

Just a quick question:

* The base license is available for all firewalls or for specific series?

at@ps all firewall hardware (Firepower 1000, 2100 etc) running the FTD software image with come with the base license.

Marvin Rhoads
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The EXCLUDE-SUBS option is for ordering new firewalls when a customer has an existing Enterprise Agreement via which the subscription licenses will be provisioned. If that's not the case then you can just not select any subscription licenses and you get the no-cost Base license, including features which @Rob Ingram already listed.

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