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FDM Routing Between Networks on Different Interfaces


I have a firepower 1010 managed with FDM.  I have a default config with routed interfaces.  Shouldnt the interfaces route between each other by default if they are in the same security zone?  The only think i can think of is that I have my fiber modem in passthru mode and it assigns the WAN ip by DHCP but its a WAN gateway so it cant route my internal IPV4?

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@thediscountgeeks correct, the router would behave differently and would allow the ping. You have a security device, both the FTD or ASA will not allow the ping through the device to one of it's local interfaces.


You inital issue is resolved now?

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Marvin Rhoads
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Your default ACP rule is to block. So unless the traffic is explicitly allowed in an earlier rule it will not be allowed.

You didn't share the interface-one mapping but the rules you have do not appear at first glance to cover all of the many interfaces you have configured.

You can always confirm a given flow's behavior from the cli using the packet-tracer command.

I'm still scratching my head, I thought this worked out of the box.  I have attached my config if you can take a look.  im just trying to get from to

@thediscountgeeks are both interfaces in the inside_zone? - if not the traffic won't match your ACP rules. You'll probably need a Twice NAT/NAT exemption rule between those networks to ensure the traffic is not unintentially translated. As previously suggested you can run packet-tracer to determine more information about the traffic flow.

yes, they are all in the inside zone together.  I think this Firepower 1010 is fried because now the ports wont even light up after letting it boot overnight.  I reset it and still nothing.  This all transpired a few hours after I upgraded the software to the latest version, lesson learned.  Additionally, packet tracer does not work on this unit.

@thediscountgeeks so what error do you get when you run packet-tracer from the cli?

You've enabled the interfaces in fdm?



I was getting something like command not supported, the unit is down ATM
otherwise I would screenshot.

Yes the interfaces were enabled and giving out IP's

@thediscountgeeks so if the interfaces are giving out ips, the interfaces are working?....just no lights?


Regardless you'll probably need a NAT exemption rule as previously mentioned, to ensure traffic is not unintentially franslated.


The command starts "packet-tracer", its always been available in FTD image.

no, after the lights stopped working, its also stopped giving out IP's with
my old config or the factory reset configuration. I opened a TAC case so I
will see how that turns out.

Ill read up on the NAT exemption

Ill send you that packet tracer command if I get it again

This is the strange behavior im seeing, why can I ping a host on a sperate network and not the gateway that host resides on?  I have also put them in the same zone.

ping no ping.PNG