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FMC Failed to connect by GUI but its connected by CLI

Sudqi Al-Imam
Level 1
Level 1

when try to login by GUI its failed, please check attached

but in CLI we don't have any problems

anyone have an idea, thanks

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What error message are you getting?

Check the output of pmtool status and see if the required services are
running (tomcat, redis, mongo, etc).

If you didn't reboot, worth giving it a try.

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Hi Mohammad,

the error is attached, I rebooted the FMC but still the user is locked because I put the password in wrong many times, how we can unlock the user password, noted that its admin user

Thank you

If you have access to the CLI with the admin account you can use the command configure user unlock my_user_account_name to unlock the account.

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unfortunately, the solution not solve the problem

I install the image again but still same problem on GUI


Could you post the error message you are seeing, I do not see any previous attachments regarding the error.

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thanks for your reply, please find attached

FMC photo.PNG

Have you tried resetting the GUI admin password?


sudo -p 'admin new_password'

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Hi Marius


yes but not work, now I will remove the VM and install it again with a different name to check


Thank You

Sudqi Al-Imam
Level 1
Level 1


for future need, the problem, and the solution as below:

1) the FMC-2 installed with IP different than the other FMC-1 which we should take the backup from it (each one in different server)

2) after restoring the backup, the IP back as old FMC-1 was

3) the connection is accessible by GUI

4) but the webpage with new IP (which is not used) is still active but without refresh (with refresh will disappear), we try to access but failed to connect

5) then try to the other page that already accessible and try to connect also (failed to connect)


now the solution:


* reconfigure IP as the first installation (by CLI), then the GUI accessible with the new IP, after that enter to management interface configuration and put the needed IP with the correct subnet mask

for me, I keep the new IP and not use the old one


Thanks all for your time

hope this to be useful if anyone faced the same case

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