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FP Realm not downloading AD users and groups


I am trying to set up an AD realm.  The directory test passes and I think I have the realm config correct, but when I try to user download, the job completes but finds no users or groups.  I have the base and group DN set for the top of the tree (a very small tree), but I have tried pointing either to a specific OU that contains users or groups.  I have my directory using port 389 (and as I've said, the test there works).  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Can you tell us what error are you getting ?


can you paste the screen shot of the base dn settings



I attached a screenshot.  There's really no error.  It completes, says LDAP download successful, 0 groups, 0 users downloaded.

Both base and group dn = dc=CyberSEC,cd=VINU.  This is basically the top of the tree.  It is how I do my other FirePower device, just a different tree/domain, but I use the top of the tree there also (for both).

Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

My working configuration in the lab looks like this:

FMC Realm settings.PNG

Basically both the Base and Group distinguished names (DNs) are structured with Domain Components (DCs) as follows:

dc=<first field of your fully-qualified AD domain name>, dc= <second field>, etc. up to the top level domain.

I got it!!!  I'm being blonde.  It was a typo.  I had dc=cybersec,cd=vinu.  Duh.  Thanks for working with me.


Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

I had noticed that and thought it was just a typo of how you put it into the forum. :)

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