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Dear Community, I'm trying to build HA on FMCv for two ftds 2120.The specs of the devices are:FMCv: 6.3.0 software FTD 2120: Cisco Firepower 2120 Threat Defense (77) Version (Build 59) During the HA procedure all prerequisites are met, I'm a...

MTN_CY by Beginner
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Hi,  how can i configure dhcp relay on the FMC - FTD in a way that is pointing to different DHCP servers for different interfaces?In a switch point view i  need to achieve as below on the FMC int vlan 100   ip addr   ip help...

J_Vansen_S by Participant
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Hi AllI have 3 networks inside company (1st), (2nd) and (3rd)I also have ASA5525 running 9.7(1)4 and sfr running has inside interface from 1st network goes through sfr to ...

Hi team,   Where can I find ISE component compatibility with FTD which is not included in the below document.   I can see DACL and COA are suppor...

xili5 by Cisco Employee
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Hi all, We have two ASA 5525-X Firewall in our Public Zone with Failover setup. Both ASAs running with SFR module version Now we have planned to upgrade FirePOWER module version to 6.3.0. Since our FirePOWER module version is, Upgrad...

I have tried configure FirePower to log malware events to my syslog server, but I am not seeing the events in logs.I have enabled syslog logging for both retrospective events (whatever that means) and all network-based malware events. And, I have ena...

N3t W0rK3r by Participant
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Hi,We are getting issue while creating cluster of FTD 4110 devices.Below are the steps we performed while creating the cluster between two FTDsFTD1:1)Created port-channels for Data and CCL2)Added FTD module and allocated data and CCL port-channels to...

Hi All, There was a power outage in my building and when the power resumed my Primary (Active) FW went to Secondary state and the Secondary (Standby) FW became Primary state. I have reverted back the Secondary to Primary as the initial setup and all ...

kenyusuf by Beginner
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