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help configuring 5510

Richard Langly

I just upgraded an ASA-5510 from 7.0 to 8.4.4-1 and theres a lot of stuff in it I don't recognize that I never added, mostly because of new network objects, nat commands, and other migration stuff. Its been awhile since I've configured the ASA and I think I'd like to start from scratch and clean it up a bit because theres so many lines for so little that I really need. I just think its sort of a mess right now so I was hoping someone could help me with the commands to do the following tasks.

I have a 5510 assigned an IP address on the outside interface with 3 inside interfaces and below are the only requirements I need.

Network-A (

   - incoming ssh port 2202 goes to node

   - incoming ssh port 2203 goes to node

   - handle incoming https (443) requests

   - handle incoming www (80) requests

   - cannot see Network-B or Network-C

Network-B (

   - ssh to nodes on Network-A

   - incoming ssh port 22 goes to node

Network-C (

   - ssh to nodes on Network-A

   - incoming ssh port 2210 goes to node


   - sends logging to syslog node on Network-A

   - there are DNS and NTP servers located outside

Any help much appreciated.

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Mohammad Alhyari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

HI ,

this is a whole new installation with 8.4 . you will need to be aware of the folllowing :

-ASA 8.4 configuration guide ( it contains eveything from A to Z) .

- ASA 8.3 and later configuration example :

it contains the config for pre 8.3 images and the corrosponding one in 8.3 and later images ( very useful link ).

- Finally remember to use the private ip address in your access-lists ( real ip address and not the translated one ).



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