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High Cpu util due to syslog in PiX 515E 7.2(4)



I am facing high cpu util  issue   80% in pix 515E with IOS 7.2(4).

When a syslog is enable for informational/warnings level traps the util goes to 80% where as other wise it is observed to be 36-37%.When i changed the trap level to alert the util seems to be normal, only the issue is when warning and info traps are configured, prior to the issue the same settings were working absolutely fine ,suddendly the util issue has occured.

attached is some command o/p for the reference.

Need your views/suggestions on this




Can you post the output of syslog servers configured in the firewall . if there are mutliple syslog servers , try to remove those which are not essential and also which are unreachable from the firewall (the logger thread is showing high in the output of show process) as multiple syslog servers certainly contribute in spiking up the cpu utilization . the output of show process is also showing disaptch unit showing high runtime .Dispatch unit is for traffic traversing across the firewall .In case of high cpu issues , there might be multiple parameters which we need to look into for , in order to find out the root cause   . this is just to start with , we might require some more outputs going forward

Hope it helps !


Hi Ankur

Below is the syslog o/p

sh logging

Syslog logging: enabled

    Facility: 20

    Timestamp logging: disabled

    Standby logging: disabled

    Deny Conn when Queue Full: disabled

    Console logging: disabled

    Buffer logging: disabled

    Trap logging: level informational, facility 20, 725171398 messages logged

        Logging to inside

    History logging: disabled

    Device ID: disabled

    Mail logging: disabled

    ASDM logging: disabled


syslog output is not required ,output of syslog servers configured in the firewall is required  i.e show run logging


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