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How many tunnels is able to do ASA 5545?


How many tunnels IPSec is able to do ASA 5545?


I have a doubt regarding how many tunnels IPSec I can do with ASA 5545, I mean I have an outside interface on ASA connect to interface router. In this only link how many tunnels could i do?


For example:


ASA Outside Router Interface.


Only one? 



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Rob Ingram
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VIP Expert


The ASA 5545-X supports 2500 VPN tunnels, reference here. Even though you only have 1 IP address, the sequence number used on the crypto map is used to distinguish between the different peers. So I don't see why in your scenario you could not configure up to 2500 VPN tunnels.





It is not that I can not, I have not yet implemented it, I only had the doubt, but when you say 2500 tunnels do you mean tunnels or sessions?

Reference document says "IPsec VPN Peers" = 2500, so each peer would be 1 tunnel, so therefore 2500 tunnels supported.

Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

Sessions is generally used to refer to remote access VPN. Since almost nobody still uses the old IPsec IKEv1, we generally equate sessions with SSL VPN sessions for remote access clients. In that case there is a separate limit and you require AnyConnect licenses for your sessions. In the case of SSL VPN, the limit is also 2500.

So you could have up to 2500 SSL VPN sessions (assuming licenses are installed) in addition to 2500 IPsec site-to-site VPNs concurrently active.

Reference Table 3 here:

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