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How to: Load a compact flash via card reader


Good morning, CSC.

Is there a way to load a spare compact flash with a running-config, ASA IOS, & ASDM software via card reader? I need to load another flash card with all of the settings necessary for normal operation. This "spare" card will replace the flash that is currently in use. The reason for the replacement is capacity and because of changes made to the running-config. The "in-use" card is 256MB, the "spare" one is 512MB. Also, the new card will have a few changes made to the running-config, so it will, in essence, be a reload.

I have a card reader for the compact flash cards. If there is a way to load up this new card using the card reader, without monkeying with the firewall, I would prefer that. Like I said in the previous paragraph, this new flash card will replace the other one, once it's ready.

Hardware: ASA 5510

CF: 256MB (wanting to upgrade to the new 512MB card)

ASA IOS: 8.4

Thoughts, comments, and opinions welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Josh Dunbar

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any luck with this case ?

Hello Josh,

I'm going to do the same replacement of 256MB compact flash with 512MB memory in coming 2 days.

can u pls suggest if u got the exact solution of your replacement problem.

what are the steps to consider before replacing the flash.

your response will be highly appreciated.


Anurag Giri

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