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Resolved! remove split tunnel ACL list

Ok, I have change a VPN tunnel from Split tunnel to tunnel all traffic.When I try to remove the ACL lines for the split tunnel I was getting deny.ASA(config)# no access-list test_split_tunnel line  standard permi$no access-list test_split_tunnel line...

Cisco ASA Natting

 Hello All,I have a Cisco ASA 5545 connected to my ISP Router,also i have three servers on which i want bidirectional traffic to pass through the ASA.I want to assign private addresses to these three servers but in different range.Kindly let me know ...

mudasir05 by Beginner
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Resolved! Failover active/standby

Hello. There are two Cisco devices: asa5512 and asa5510. Tell me whether it is possible to organize a failover active / standby using these devices. If this is not possible, tell me if there are any other possibilities for automatic backup.

Block users from using Tor

The title says it all.How do I block users from using the Tor network to bypass the firewall?All I'm able to find is that Tor uses port 9001 (TCP) by default but switches to any other open port (80,443,25,23,22, etc) when it's blocked.Blocking those ...

Cisco Netflow ASA

Hey Guys, I have a question regarding reading Netflow info. I have a collector configured and it works perfectly fine. I noticed today that we saw a huge spike this morning for about 15 minutes, but the connection just shows from one ASA to another A...

ASA-5585-X 8.4(6)5 Idle connections are not being removed according to timeout settings

Hi, Just a quick question if anybody has run into a bug where the ASAs "timeout" settings are not being applied to idle connections. It seems that our ASA running the software level 8.4(6)5 is not tearing down connections. This mainly seems to be a p...

Resolved! ASA 5545 ASDM

 Hello All, Iam new to Network Security (firewall).I just need to know the steps to access ASA through asdm for the first time.Also let the know to which port of ASA I need to connect the cable from my PC. Thanks

mudasir05 by Beginner
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tor client

hello guys,have you heard about the tor allow you to use the internet with anonymous connection and it's really geopardising our internal you know a way of stoping it?thank you.