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IOS Firewall

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Hi all,

it turns out I have a router with a security bundle enabled.

I'm trying to read up on this but the amount of information on the internet is becoming somewhat overwhelming.

The running config of the router looks fairly simple, with a number of standard and extended access lists and some natting rules, and pptp vpn configs..

Can someone advise what exactly I'm able to do with this security bundle, and what it's lacking when comparing it with having an actual ASA?

I'm just studying for a CCNA so my knowledge is very limited, but by the looks of things there's nothing in the router really that's configured that I wouldn't be able to do with the base config.

Are there any rules set up on the router that wouldn't show in the running config, but run in the background of the IOS in relation to the security bundle, or does everything need to be specified in order to be enabled? (that sounded like a really ridiculous question..)

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Yeah, forgot to answer that question the first time.

When you get your router it will work as a router, period.

If you want it to go beyond its routing functions you have to manually configure it to do so.

So no, your router doesn't have any firewall or IPS features configured in it.

It just a router with a basic router config.

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