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Multiplayer Games block



I just would like to know if possible to block the multiplayer games?? I'm using ASA 5515-X. Thanks!

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Jouni Forss


I imagine that a ASA alone can't give you a clean way to achieve this unless the game service uses the same ports, which I guess they usually do.

So I guess the first option I would look into would be to check which destination ports are used for the games and perhaps even go as far as finding the public IP addresses they use.

I'm kinda wondering what the ASA CX will be able to do. I think it has both Web Security but also some sort of Application Visibility and Control. What the latter means in practical use I am not sure as I havent gotten a ASA5500-X model with CX yet but am hoping to

I guess you might go as far as blocking DNS querys for specific DNS names on the ASA and in this way block some connections.

I havent personally had the need to look into blocking multiplayer games since this usually is no problem in business customer networks. Other than perhaps people wasting their time playing games on Facebook or something similiar

- Jouni

Hi Jouni,

Yeah, actually I'm thinking that I might be intersected the other services well if I'm going to block the specific ports. Honestly, I just want to figure out if it's possible to do it, so I can implement this on our network infra. Btw thanks jouni, I'm glad that you always answer my queries. Thanks again for the second time around.



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