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Multiple Encryption - MacSec

Hello all,

what I'm about to ask is going to be a weird one and doesn't make much sense, but I have a customer that asked the following, that I encrypt over encryption and I explain, to program two Cisco Switches to use MacSec and that the connectiong between this two switches to be done with 80Ghz radios instead of direct copper from switch to switch.

This radio encrypts on AES and the MacSec of the switches are encrypting in AES128. 

This will be a double encryption.

Now I tried this and the MacSec negotiation between switches comes up, the protocol comes up, but then basically no data traverses the link afterward.

If the encryption of the radio is turned off everything works fine but of the encryption of the radio is turned on, data stops flowing but the MacSec negotiation is ok.

I would like please to understand the why this doesn't work and data doesn't flow. Anyone please has any idea why?

Thank you


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