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NAC Redirection problem


we are using NAC L3 OOB Real IP Gateway to redirect HQ and Branches traffic to CAS. we are using PBR to redirect traffic. when user try to access network CAM puts him to AUTH VLAN but when opening browser no redirection happens. i opened CAS untrusted interface in browser and it was redirected and i downloaded the agent. the agent is automaticaly redirected and fire automaticaly and scan (everything is ok with agent). i need to know why redirection doesn't happen when opening browser and happens with agent?

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

By default, the CAM takes web login users who are authenticated to the originally requested page. You can specify another destination for authenticated users by role. To set the redirection target:

1. Go to User Management > User Roles > List of Roles.

2. Click the Edit button next to the role for which you want to set a login success page

3. For the After Successful Login Redirect to option, click "this URL" and type the destination URL in the text field, making sure to specify "http://" in the URL. Make sure you have created a traffic policy for the role to allow HTTP access so that the user can get to the web page

4. Click Save Role when done.

Typically, a new browser is opened when a redirect page is specified. If pop-up blockers are enabled on the client, Cisco NAC Appliance will use the main browser window as the Logout page in order to show login status, logout information and VPN information (if any).

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