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Problem with CSC-SSM and cpu usage


I have a strange problem.

I have an asa 5520 with a csc-ssm-20 module installed.

I pass the traffic for the inside users (a Class B flat internal network) through the csc exempt some specific users, which i dont want to be filtered.

Everything is ok, but the cpu usage of the csc goes and remain always at 100%.

I don't believe that there is some much traffic and the csc must overloaded so.

I have attached two images with the sevice policy that sents the traffic to csc and the 100% usage of the csc ssm cpu.

The version of csc is 6.3.1172.1.

Can you help me to find the reason about the cpu of the csc?


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Luis Silva Benavides
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Elias,

Please check if for some reason you have the HTTP debugs enable or any kind if debugs:

Please make sure you are not excedding the amount of internal host you are license (normaly 1000)


Luis Silva
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