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Query for Cisco FTD Brute Force Attack

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Level 1

Hellow Everyone,

We have a query about Brute force attack. Can Cisco FTD(2110) prevent brute force attack through IPS? I know that, IPS has a brute force attack signature. When i have enabled this signature it do not drops any brute force attack packet. So please tell me how can we prevent this attack or share procedure.
Thanks for advance.


Samiul Islam

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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame

"Brute Force Attack" is not a precise term. What exactly are you trying to protect against?

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your Reply.


I want to prevent ssh attack by IPS Rules.
For example IPS Signature :
source ip: any
destination ip : Our organization Server IP
Source Port: any
Destination Port: SSH/22
Number of SSH TRY for Server: 10
Time Duration: 60 Second
Action: Block and Generate Events.

Is that possible through IPS? Is possible, please share the procedure. 

Marvin, Is there are newer guide - for FMC version 7.2.4 and later. Seams that the guide you post is for much older version and not able to find the settings ? 


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