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VPN Client access to servers behind ASA and CSS



I'm wondering if this is possible : I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is, but do you think I can find the article?

(please see attached NET01.JPG file)

I have an ASA5510 with a few servers sitting behind it and some users that authenticate locally to the ASA to access those servers sitting on the 3560, all on the network.  Nothing too complicated there.

I've recently purchased a CSS11501 and have it configured to load balance between two WWW servers on a network using a virtual IP address back on the network (

When I attach myself to the 3560 and use I see the expected results, HTTP requests from server 1, sometimes from server 2. The CSS is working just fine.

However, now I need to get my remote clients access to the two servers behind the CSS and I'm finding it a little more tricky than I initially thought.  I'm sure I read somewhere that I can simply add a "route inside" to my ASA adding a route to the CSS and then that handles the routing from that point forward. Of course, I need to ensure that the VPN client split tunnel group my VPN clients are using includes both and and then I should be OK to move forward.  However in testing this doesn't work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Based on the first half of your description, i understand the 2 servers being accessed using the VIP of from the LAN works fine.

Now when using the VPN client, are you going to be accessing the servers using their original IPs ( and or using the VIP (

If it's going to use the original IPs then what you have mnetioned is correct about the split tunnel access-lists. Also, ensure that the internal switch is able to route packets to the VPN pool of IP addresses to the ASA.

If it's going to use the VIP, then you will need to add the VIP to the split ACL ( Please share a sanitized configuration and also the above details for a clearer problem description.

Thanks and Regards,


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