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Perhaps you have 100 network devices and you want to retrieve some data ONLY from those where the management access is provided to save the time. The question is : Is the management access disponible for all the devices AND how to notice the devices ensured the retrievement operation from those where the management access does not provided which cause the fail of the operation.

Yes of course you can use some testing frameworks such as pytest combined with other network frameworks such as Netmiko to test the access process. But what if you are not familliar with one of them especially pytest ? You can use PyATS/AEtest but some networkers found it not simple comparing to PyATS/Genie since it needs understanding of python unit testing.

And for the case of CI/CD pipelines perhaps you want to test the access and there is a FAIL for one device and the retrievement process STOP because the test step FAIL!! What about the others 99 ?!!…We can reach them and retrieve the targed data !


Here I introduce to you my use case Efficient Network Devices Data Retrieving - Application case of Validate/Monitor access to network devices with the integration of Genie/pyATS, WebEx Messenger and Syslog server use case. It represent an application and a use case of my project Check_Access published in my previous blog. As a reminder, the idea behind Check_Accessis is to leverages Genie/pyATS  framework, WebEx Messenger  and python logging module  to check access into network devices by displaying, sending the result to WebEx Messenger Space and triggering logs to Syslog server for information and maintenance purposes.

Retrieve_Data_Application_Case aims to :

  • Check if there is an access to the network devices and generating notification for each of them to Syslog server and as report incorporated in text file to WebEx Messenger Space.
  • Retrieve data only form devices on witch there is access and generate notifications to Syslog server for both case : Retrieving Success or Not

Here the links to the use case from Cisco Code Exchange :


You will find the link to the GitHub repo for more details.


I hope you find this blog and project useful and you will try it ! Comments and Suggestions are Welcome. Thank you for reading and don't forget to rate it if you found it useful and helpful!!!.




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