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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Nowadays, IT/OT professionals (such as network engineer, system admin etc.) spend lots of time on network topology-like User Interface (UI) for design, maintenance and operation tasks. As the network system grows more and more complicated, this network topology-like UI becomes more difficult to use. In this disclosure, we build NeXt UI toolkit to solve this problem and make the network topology-like UI more user friendly, hence improve user’s productivity. NeXt UI toolkit (Network embedded Experience) is an HTML5/JavaScript based toolkit for network web application. Provide high performance and high quality framework and network centric topology component. By embedding topology component in Network Web Application, developer can visualize and operate network. And it is an Open Source Project under OpenDayLight community. More information can get from developer protocol.


There are couple design principle and advantage of NeXt:

  • Experience oriented development
  • Visual and interaction designs focus on building intuitive network experience
  • Easy to build network web applications (Effort saving)
  • Leverage other language concepts / introduce concept from other languages/framework
  • Provide topology component with rich APIs
  • Open sourced develop mode


Main features of NeXt topology component

  • Topology basic graph visualization and interaction
  • Multiple layout present (Force auto layout / Enterprise network layout/ Hierarchical Layout)
  • Large network scaling support (aggregation/progressive rendering)
  • Path / traffic / tunnel / group visualization
  • Build-in Map overlay (US map)
  • Build-in interaction behaviors and extend interface (drag/zoom/hover/click/select/aggregate)
  • Build-in 20+ icon and 5 themes
  • Build-in tooltip manager / layout manager / node & link extendibility

NeXt UI Toolkit Topology Architecture


Hello world of NeXt

Sample code :

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.00.44 PM.png


This is exactly what I need and we need. I'm developing application to monitor status of network, servers and services in small company. I checked the license of NeXt, it was under the 'Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License', right? If you don't have any paid version, how can I use NeXt as a part of our software?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Elyse,

So exciting to see you are using NeXt to develop some APP.  I would love to know more about your project and glad to help if you have some question.

For the license, We opens source NeXt at last August in OpenDaylight Community and been released version 0.9.1 last month in the latest ODL formal release. That is under  Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 , so you can use it under that license.

Any comments or question, please contact us.



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