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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Code Exchange is a great place to start. The About page includes this note about support:
Note: All users should inspect the repository for any usage or contributing process questions. Cisco DevNet is not certifying or maintaining the content of all repositories. If you see an issue or have a question about a project, raise it with the project maintainers. If you see an issue or have a question about Code Exchange itself, please report it by email to
This blog includes a more in-depth description of Code Exchange, including maintenance and support of the repos with it.
The tile for each repo indicates the person or organization that contributed the repo. Repos are created and maintained by Cisco engineering teams, ecosystem partners, technology and open source communities, and individual developers. In this example, you can see two are from CiscoDevNet and one is from an individual’s GitHub account.
The best way to get all the details on a repo, including the owners, the state of the code, the license, how to contribute, and how to get help, is to select a given repo, click on the “View on GitHub” button on that repo’s Code Exchange page, and review the README and LICENSE files.
In addition to Code Exchange, there is the Open Source Dev Center, containing info about open source projects to which Cisco contributes significantly and uses in its products and solutions. Projects listed here tend to be larger projects with more contributors, users, and supporters both inside and outside of Cisco.

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