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OSPF Routing Protocol The Ultimate : CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

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OSPF Routing Protocol The Ultimate : CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam Kindle Edition  


OSPF Routing Protocol is a big topic in CCIE Enterprise exam, This workbook is written and dedicated for people and candidates who prepare the CCIE Enterprise Exam and looking for an ultimate preparation after finishing studying, looking a way to acquire additional atypical scenarios and an indepth lecture of the most important OSPF's concept related to the exam such as LSA Types and LSDB which are the core component of OSPF, path selection through regular area and non-regular area, route filtering and some advanced features such as stub router, prefix suppression, forwarding address etc...this workbook gives you the opportunity to definitely master this important topic before passing the CCIE Exam by acquiring a solid skills and learn another view of OSPF, understand what inside OSPF's behavior, what happen and why this happen, How to override a problem of suboptimal routing, routing loop or path selection using uncommon solution and atypical tricks that you will not find elsewhere.

By traveling through the scenarios involved in the workbook and by reproducing them using the basic configuration at the top of each lab, you will be able to fully understand and master this topic with more than 20 practice labs explained with atypical method so that any OSPF topic in the CCIE Exam will be easy to answer.

Goals and Methods:

The most important goal of this book is provide candidates of CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure Exam scenarios and Hands of Labs with high level for Exam about OSPF Routing Protocol, the method and the proposed scenarios help you to definitely master this topic before taking the exam, this is an ultimate preparation to enforce your skills and to acquire solid knownledges after attending a global preparation or in depth bootcamp, and you want to be comfortable with this big topic.

This book consists of a series of practical scenarios with challenges and with explanations of the most misunderstanding OSPF's behavior, when I talk OSPF's behavior, I mean all OSPF topics related to the exams such as: LSA Types, Area Types, Network Types OSPF Path Selection, Route Filtering, Forwarding Address, Prefix Suppression, Loop-Free Alternate, Summary Routes and so on.

After publishing my first book titled "OSPF Demystified With RFC with 100 labs and scenario and awarded as one of the best ebook by BookAuthority, I conclude that Understanding OSPF behavior is very important to be efficient in the CCIE Exams for two reasons:

  • To be able to troubleshoot any problem by reasoning.
  • To be able to answer challenges that requires only one command.

For this purpose, this book provides you challenges where you will learn:

  • How to follow some logic to detect any problem or to explain an unexpected behavior.
  • How to fix it with some restrictions such as: you are not allowed to use cost and so on.

Understanding OSPF needs atypical and uncommon explanations, useful and appropriate show commands and debug commands rather than showing just routing tables or LSDB tables.

As you read this book, you definitely get a feeling of, "This is how a feature works", "This is how to understand a behavior" and "This is how to solve a problem" which are exactly what you need for the Cisco CCIE Enterprise and Infrastructure Exams.

How to read this book?

This book is a series of hands of labs, and there is no relationship between them, you can start at any lab, from the last, the first or the middle, the purpose is to provide you a granularity to freely switch between topics and go to the one you need in depth lecture and understanding.

Table of Content:
Lab 1: OSPFv2 Link State Database LSDB In depth Lecture
Lab 2: OSPFv3 Link State Database LSDB In depth Lecture
Lab 3: OSPF Network Types P2P P2M and Broadcast
Lab 4: OSPF Network Type P2M and Broadcast with Type-2 LSA
Lab 5: OSPF Discrepancy and Network Types Mismatch
Lab 6: Stub and Totally Stub Area Types
Lab 7: NSSA Area Type In depth ExploratioN
Lab 8: NSSA Area Type Filtering Options
Lab 9: NSSA ABRs translator with RFC 3101 and 1587
Lab 10: Path Selection Scenario 1
Lab 11: Path Selection Scenario 2
Lab 12: Path Selection Scenario 3
Lab 13: Path Selection Scenario 4
Lab 14: Path Selection Scenario 5
Lab 15: Path Selection Scenario 6
Lab 16: Path Selection Scenario 7
Lab 17: Path Selection Challenge
Lab 18: Common Routing Problem With Forwarding Address
Lab 19: NSSA Forwarding Address Suppressing with two methods
Lab 20: Suboptimal Routing Split Horizon and Forward Address Suppressing
Lab 21: Route Filtering with Distribute List
Lab 22: Route Filtering Scenario 1
Lab 23: Route Filtering Scenario 2
Lab 24: Route Filtering Scenario 3
Lab 25: Route Filtering Scenario 4
Lab 26: OSPFv2 RFC 6860 Hiding Transit-Only Networks
Lab 27: OSPFv3 RFC 6860 Hiding Transit-Only Networks
Lab 28: OSPF TTL security check
Lab 29: Stub router advertisement Graceful Shutdown
Lab 30: OSPF Link-State Database Overload Protection
Lab 31: OSPF Refresh and Flooding Reduction in Stable Topologies
Lab 32: OSPF SPF Throttling and Temporarily Routing Loop
Lab 33: Inter-Area Summary route with RFC 1583 and 2328
Lab 34: OSPF Multi-Area Adjacency
Lab 35: The Risk of Routing Loop with RFC Mismatch
Lab 36: DMVPN Phase 2 OSPF Broadcast VS Point to Multipoint Network Type
Lab 37: OSPF Loop-Free Alternate LFA Fast Reroute FRR
Lab 38: Default-information originate with always keyword
Lab 39: Capability Transit feature and suboptimal routing
Lab 40: Capability Transit feature and routing loop

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