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Redesigned APIC-EM Developer Portal Released on DevNet


Visit our redesigned APIC-EM portal which has greatly simplified accessing learning materials for APIs and coding! Starting on page one you’ll have easy access to learning labs as well as sample code.

We have over a dozen free learning labs, most with sample code, that will teach you how to write code and use the APIC-EM APIs.  In addition you’ll find links as shown below to our DevNet repositories that contain sample code and scripts to get you started.

On this same page we’ll point you to the latest blogs, community forum questions and answers for APIC-EM, and provide links to the sandbox where you can try out the technology at no cost!

In our documents page we’ve added a navigation bar to make finding the documentation you need much easier.  There are even video tutorials covering various APIC-EM technologies.

Come and learn more at DevNet!

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