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Validate/Monitor Access with PyATS, WebEx and Syslog


I my previous post, I introduced my project called Genie_Webex that allows to Validate/Maintain the configuration of network devices by leveraging PyATS and Webex Teams. In this article I will introduce my use case published in Cisco Automation Exchange as Validate/Monitor access to network devices with the integration of Genie/pyATS, WebEx Messenger and Syslog server.

The idea is very simple!: How to check access to a network device in a simplest way without unnecessarily complicating matters??? The answer is simply using the connect() method of Genie/PyATS and handling the ConnectionError exception! Very simple....Right!

This project can be used and integrated in many projects:

  • Check access to network devices by periodic monitoring process
  • Vlidate access to network devices prior provisioning/retrieving data process
  • Separatly or integrated in CI/CD pipeline project in order to Validate access to network device before starting the process

Keep in mind that this project is not to test connectivity, it allows to check access to network devices through their management interfaces.


Here the link to reach the Use Case in Cisco Automation Exchange:

Here the link to reach the same project from GitHub:


Please refer to the GitHub Repo for more details about installing dependencies and how use the project. I hope you will find it useful. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you for reading!


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