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VIP Webcast Video: IOS Upgrade on Catalyst Switches 2900, 3500 and 3700 - Easy as Pi

Leo L
VIP Community Legend


Webcast con VIP Leo Laohoo: IOS Upgrade on Catalyst Switches 2900, 3500 and 3700 - Easy as Pi


 Cisco Ask the Expert    


During this event you will have the opportunity to learn how to upgrade the IOS version on Cisco Catalyst Switches Series 2960, 3560 and 3750. Cisco is a network equipment manufacturer that regularly updates IOS, during this session the expert will explain why it is recommended to regularly upgrade the IOS of the Cisco appliances and how it is possible to do it right since the first time. Also, the session will cover different methods and best practices to upgrade IOS on Cisco Catalyst Switches.



    • What is in the hype? Why is software upgrade (so) important?
    • Best practices
    • One command to rule them all 
    • Compare the Hash (MD5 hash)

Featured Speaker 


Leo Laohoo is a network engineer. Leo specializes in wireless and LAN/WAN technologies. He previously worked with EDS (today HP) and SITA/Equant, he holds a Colleague Degree in Business Management and a CCNA.

On his free time, Leo enjoys participating in the Cisco Support Community, he states that it is a “TWO-way street”. He is one of the top Cisco Designated VIPs and a member of the elite Cisco Support Community Hall of Fame program. The Cisco Support Community is a place where you can help someone else and at the same time learn from other people’s responses their responses to you answers.


 Cisco Ask the Expert