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Advanced Netconf Explorer (graphical open-source UI for NETCONF / YANG)

Cisco Employee

We are happy to announce the release of a new open-source tool in the NETCONF universe.

Advanced Netconf explorer is a graphical explorer for YANG models supported by a NETCONF device or service orchestrator. Features include:

  • Retrieving all YANG models supported by a device or orchestrator using the NETCONF monitoring standard.
  • Parsing the YANG models (using ODL yangtools) and outputting a tree with all the nodes, which the user can expand / collapse.
  • Filtering the model tree by module name and searching the names and descriptions of the YANG nodes in it (e.g. “neighbor count” or “bgp” “neighbor count”).
  • Downloading a ZIP-Archive of all YANG-models supported by the device or orchestrator.
  • Showing details and generating metadata for a YANG node, e.g. the description, XPath, a subtree-filter (for NETCONF development), MAAGIC paths (for NSO development) etc.
  • IOS XR Telemetry support tools to edit sensor groups and show live data using GRPC.
  • Browsing and searching live (operational) data YANG models.
  • NETCONF console to send raw NETCONF commands for debugging and development purposes.
  • ANC is the basis of the explorer and offers a reusable abstraction for most of the features of NETCONF 1.1 packaged as a Java library which can be used as a stand-alone NETCONF client library.

We have primarily released it to work with NETCONF-enabled devices (like IOS XR) directly, however of course you can use it with orchestrators like NSO too.

Finally code and instructions are here:

Cisco Employee

Hi Steve,

Great work and congratulations.

A couple of questions:

- is there a simple way to change the embedded GUI port? You are using 8080 which is also NSO default port. I am not using Docker as I saw that you can manipulate that one.

- I see a lots of warnings with "deref" from the opendaylight tools as unsupported. Have you seen it?

Again, great work.


Cisco Employee

Hey Roque,

Thanks. If you launch using Java directly you can pass, e.g. "-Djetty.http.port=9269" as parameter then it will be launched on the respective port instead of 8080.

Yes, in some cases there are warnings related to XPath, there is unfortunately not much we can do about it, due to the XPATH implementation in Java (and most other languages) since deref is a YANG-specific extension. For our purposes it shouldn't affect us.



Cisco Employee

Hi Steve,

when Connecting to NSO, any idea why some modules show up twice in the navigation windows?


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.32.20.png

Cisco Employee


Very cool work! Nice touch with the maagic path and qpath on nodes.