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Cisco APIC NED error when doing commit


Hi team, 

I am currently testing a new NSO service package for creating a new tenant in Cisco ACI APIC but I am getting failures. We are running NSO4.4 and APIC NED version 3.0.38.


The service package was built from a python-template skeleton, its nothing complicated... we just map yang variables to the xml template using python and there is minimal logic...


I have included in the attached ZIP my service package folder & also the putty output which i am getting when I try and do the final commit. Please can you point me in the right direction as to where the issue could lie? I can see that it does not like the DN of an object… when I look at the object browser for the DN of the same object in an already existing tenant I can see that the DN path does not include any “[]” square brackets… could that be the issue? If so, what would cause that..? Is that an issue with the NED itself? Or am I missing some dependency configuration that already needs to exist for this service to work?


It seems to not like creating the Logical Node Profile for one of the L3outs… BGP… for BGP we use a VPC with SVI interface.







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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mario,

It is hard to say without the traces or knowledge on the specific API.

I would comment that the common operating mode still applies:

- Go to the ACI WebUI and create your target configuration.

- Perform a "compare config outformat XML" in NSO.

- Delete the configuration from ACI (or perform a sync-to)

- re-check that your service "dry-run" gives you the exact same output to validate that you have all the required infra.


I also would like to mention that Cisco for ACI has launched a "Core Function Pack" that abstracts the ACI API into something better consumable. Although, it is part of a larger 5G program, you can also license only the ACI piece if interested.

 Check here a recording:

Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I hope you got to see this @marioderosa2008 

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