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Use Case: NSO for Mobile Packet Core Network Service Automation


Several mobile network operators use NSO to automate the configuration of network devices and services in their core networks. This includes:

  • Configuration of the gateway nodes, e.g. Enhanced Charging Service (ECS) configuration on ASR 5K physical devices or VNFs
  • Configuration of the PCRF, e.g. Cisco Policy Suite (CPS)
  • Provisioning of corporate networks on the Gi LAN (APN), across e.g. gateway, firewall, DPI, router, etc.

This can be done across Cisco as well as other vendor's devices and VNFs.

These configurations can be hundreds or even thousands of lines of CLI, and therefore labor-intensive and error-prone to create and maintain. They may also require consistency across multiple devices. This very much plays to NSO's strengths, enabling time- and cost savings as well as increased customer satisfaction.