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How would you use the ThousandEyes API?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I have a blog post on how I used ThousandEyes to see how well an Amateur Radio application called EchoLink can work. As I say in the blog, the best application of ThousandEyes would be to spot problems, especially with cloud services. If you offer a service in the cloud and customers are complaining about performance, ThousandEyes can reveal where the bottlenecks exist. Then you can execute a plan of action to get the issues addressed. I used Amateur Radio and a program called EchoLink as an excuse to test out ThousandEyes. You can check out how I did it and the results here

You don't have to use the web interface to use ThousandEyes. There is a ThousandEyes API

I plan to experiment with the API and either write about it, or produce a video about it, but I could use a little help. Rather than inventing a use case like I did with EchoLink, I'm hoping you can suggest a real world business use case for using the ThousandEyes API rather than the ThousandEyes web interface. If possible, I'll implement something close to your suggested use case, and write about that. 

So, if you can indulge me, show me a real world use case!  Give it your best shot!!

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