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Automatic System Reset

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Level 1

I had one of our 3 node^s in a ring topo undergo automatic system resets.

According the troubleshooting guide an Automatic system reset occurs when you do an IP change or perform any other action that causes an automatic card-level reboot. The issue is that the node was not worked on at that time nor did any one else. What is strange is that the first error entry is an SNTP host failure and 3 seconds later the two TCS cards in slot 1-1 and slot 1-8 undergo an AUTORESET. I have read trough the troubleshooting guide version 9.4 but can not correlate the errors with this behaviour. I am unable to read the diagnistics file because this can only be read by Cisco. Underneath you will find all logging for last Sunday.

Hope anyone can help.



7604760102/09/12 13:18:00 MESZSLOT-2-3AR_MXP23MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7603758202/09/12 13:17:43 MESZLINE-1-6-3-RXPSM165CRCtrueLOS-PIncoming Payload Signal AbsentNANEAR
7601760102/09/12 13:17:30 MESZSLOT-2-3AR_MXP23MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7600757302/09/12 13:17:30 MESZSLOT-2-3AR_MXP23MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7589758902/09/12 13:14:09 MESZSLOT-1-3AR_MXP13MNRCONTBUS-IO-BPeer To Peer Slot Communication FailureNANEAR
7582758202/09/12 13:08:19 MESZLINE-1-6-3-RXPSM165CRRtrueLOS-PIncoming Payload Signal AbsentNANEAR
7581757802/09/12 13:08:19 MESZSLOT-1-6PSM16MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7580757902/09/12 13:08:18 MESZSLOT-1-4PSM14MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7579757902/09/12 13:06:33 MESZSLOT-1-4PSM14MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7578757802/09/12 13:06:30 MESZSLOT-1-6PSM16MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7577756802/09/12 13:05:04 MESZSLOT-1-1TSC11MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7576756902/09/12 13:04:23 MESZSYSTEMMNCSNTP-HOSTNTP/SNTP Host FailureNANEAR
7573757302/09/12 13:04:13 MESZSLOT-2-3AR_MXP23MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7571757002/09/12 13:04:12 MESZSHELF-22MJCSHELF-COMM-FAILShelf Communication FailureNANEAR
7570757002/09/12 13:03:24 MESZSHELF-22MJRSHELF-COMM-FAILShelf Communication FailureNANEAR
7569756902/09/12 13:03:10 MESZSYSTEMMNRSNTP-HOSTNTP/SNTP Host FailureNANEAR
7568756802/09/12 13:03:06 MESZSLOT-1-1TSC11MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7564755602/09/12 12:56:47 MESZSLOT-1-8TSC18MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7564755602/09/12 12:56:47 MESZSLOT-1-8TSC18MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7563756102/09/12 12:56:18 MESZSLOT-2-8TSC28MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7562755402/09/12 12:55:51 MESZSYSTEMMNCSNTP-HOSTNTP/SNTP Host FailureNANEAR
7561756102/09/12 12:55:45 MESZSLOT-2-8TSC28MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7560755802/09/12 12:55:45 MESZSLOT-2-8TSC28MNCAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7558755802/09/12 12:55:05 MESZSLOT-2-8TSC28MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7556755602/09/12 12:54:50 MESZSLOT-1-8TSC18MNRAUTORESETAutomatic System ResetNANEAR
7554755402/09/12 12:54:47 MESZSYSTEMMNRSNTP-HOSTNTP/SNTP Host Failure
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Sergey Sukharev
Level 1
Level 1


I had some case with problem AUTORESET on Cisco ONS MSTP.

I see, you have ONS 15454 Multishelf Node and autoreset problem for TSC, AR_MXP and PSM.

Please attach your CTC Diagnostics file from ONS. I will try to analyze it.

If you have service contract, open a Cisco TAC case to correct your issue .


Best regards,

Sergey Suharev

Level 1
Level 1


Do you remember how did you solved this case? I have the same problem on some cards 10x10G-LC.