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GPON: OLT repeater but with a Cisco CBS220 switch?

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I joined the forum to ask you guys about my challanges as I want to see if I can repeat the signal coming from the fiber box in the wall.

My GPON is TX1310 and RX1490RX

I read that the fiber coming from the PLC is OLT.

I have tried to find OEO repeaters in europe but they are mostly 1310 and 1550.

I also know about the Cisco PON solution, but that is far above my understanding as I ONLY want to repeat the OLT signal.


1. There for I am asking about help if GPON OLT SFP modules does work in normal switches like the CBS220 or do I have to buy better?

2. Since I am only going to repeat the signal, how am I going to mix these two SFPs RX/TX. My GPON has TX1310/RX1490RX. Does this mean on this connection from my Cisco CBS220 I have to use a GPON OLT TX1490/RX1310....also on the OLT side which one do I use there...I am a little lost here

3. I found this Generic Compatible GPON OLT SFP 1490nm-TX/1310nm-RX 2.488G-TX/1.244G-RX Class B+ 20km DOM Simplex SC/UPC SMF Optical Transceiver Module (Industrial) - Europe

I need two as far as I understand. 

For any question why I need this "repeater" is because the signal is very poor I have a very long distance to the PLC. I need a solution for repeat the OLT it might be another alternative, but it should still be at a lower budget. Please no questions about look other places in network. I need this solution. OLT repeat

Is it just a OEO converter I am looking for if so any cheap ones that can be found in europe?


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