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DMP 4310g loses HDMI video signal

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Level 1

I'm having an issue with a couple DMP 4310g units.  At random intervals, video will drop off (monitor goes to a black screen), but audio continues to play through the monitor.  the monitors do not turn off when this happens, audio is still being output, but I've checked HDMI Auto-Detection status on all players. they show as "succeeded".

We're using Cisco 42L and 55Q monitors, this doesn't seem to be limited to one monitor type or the other.  DMP's are running 5.3.5.  The only way I have found to correct this issue is to reboot the DMP's from their web interfaces. 

Any one encounter this before?  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Level 1

Are you multicasting to the DMP?

Playing a unicast stream?

Check the Mulitcast by using VLC on your PC and see if it also stops?

Check the Multicast Jitter (Settings -> Video )

You can always trying upgrading to 5.4 firmware

Hi Marc -

Yes, this is coming from multicast.  I checked the stream using VLC, it does not stop (also continues to play on other players w/ no issue - there are about 50 players in total...this happens on apprx. 5-7 players). 

I will check the Multicast Jitter.  Thanks.