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I just would like to know why it is not possible to play a flash file in full screen. My flash files are 1366x768 in resolution, and they play on any computer in full screen without any problem. As the DMP support flash media, why can't I play those flash animations in full screen on the DMP ?

If I convert the flash file to MP4 H264 and encapsulate it in a transport stream the size of the video I still massive compared to the original flash. As my remote sites only have a 512kbps link to the DMM, it litteraly takes hours to transfer one video to a DMP.

Could you help me please ?

Thank you.


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Charles Little
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Level 1

I am assuming you have the DMP4305 which has a smaller processor for rendering web media. The older DMP model is a bit processor speed challenged. Can only play back Flash 7, and then only if it is simple animations. What you get in a small compact player you give up in processor sprred.  Have you tried playback on a DMP 4400?

C.O. Little


No actually I have both type, but mostly 4400. 1366x768 flash files with a decent amount of animations won't play properly on either DMP (I get the exact same result on both, it's very slow and stutters). I have been told by the support that there are 2 processors in the box, one for video and one for flash. I believe in the 4400 the processor for the video is faster as it allows mp4 H.264 but the flash processor has not changed I think.

If I have to convert every flash file in a video, a 1mb flash ends up being a 50mb video. If I have 50 DMP accross 512kbps links, how can I manage the distribution of all that content ?

Any ideas ?



This is what the Cisco best practices matrix says about flash animation.

on the DMP 4305 export as Flash 6 or 7

on the DMP 4400 export as Flash 6-10

Frame rate should be no more than 12fps

1) 32"- 50" display: 1366 x 768 x 12 fps for standard .swf. Non-standard or complex animations should be converted into MPEG-2 Transport Stream at and 720p (1280 x 720 x 30fps.), or  1080p ( 1920 × 1080 x 29.97fps.)

2) 52"- 65" display: 1366 x 768 x 12 fps for standard .swf. Non-standard or complex animations should be converted into MPEG-2 Transport Stream at  480i/p (720 x 480 x 29.97fps.), or 1080p ( 1920 × 1080 x 29.97 fps.)

Flash is rendered by the smaller processor on the DMP which also renders all the other graphics and html. There is a processor that is dedicated to video and allows the DMP to play video much better than flash.

OK before you say it. I agree that Cisco really needs to fix this. Flash is a standard creation tool in the creative world and there is no reason why these players should not play flash with out the problems you are experiencing. OK so I am off my soap box now.

I hope this helps.


C.O. Little